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Afghanistan Afghanistan, Cellular Alaska
Albania Albania, Cellular Algeria
Algeria, Cellular American Samoa American Samoa, Cellular
Andorra Andorra, Cellular Angola
Angola, Cellular Anguilla Anguilla, Cellular
Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda, Cellular
Argentina Argentina BuenosAires Argentina BuenosAires, Cellular
Argentina, Cellular Armenia Armenia, Cellular
Aruba Aruba, Cellular Ascension Island
Ascension Island, Cellular Australia Australia, Cellular
Austria Austria, Cellular Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan, Cellular Bahamas Bahamas, Cellular
Bahrain Bahrain, Cellular Bangladesh
Bangladesh Chittagong Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladesh Sylhet
Bangladesh, Cellular Barbados Barbados, Cellular
Belarus Belarus, Cellular Belgium
Belgium, Cellular Belize Belize, Cellular
Benin Benin, Cellular Bermuda
Bermuda, Cellular Bhutan Bhutan, Cellular
Bolivia Bolivia Cochabamba Bolivia LaPaz
Bolivia, Cellular Bolivia, Santa Cruz Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cellular Botswana Botswana, Cellular
Brazil Brazil - Rio De Janeiro Brazil - Sao Paulo
Brazil Cellular Brazil, Rio de Janero Brazil, Sao Paulo
Brunei Brunei, Cellular Bulgaria
Bulgaria, Cellular Bulgaria, Sofia Burkina Faso
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